A Year Missing

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A Year Missing


Okay so it’s been almost a year since I have blogged about my fashion pursuits. WHAT THE HELL?!

This year I launched my 4th collection, showed it in Williamsburg Brooklyn for Williamsburg Fashion Week. It was amazing.

After that well, I became consumed with life stuff like… work. work. relationship. moving. work. going to the gym. trying to get sleep. Typical grown up stuff. I also just burned out. Probably nothing I should really talk about to the public, but being a fashion designer has a human side.

I had a lot of issues over the years just pile up…between life disappointments, empty fashion industry promises, flakey people, and so on… I just lost a lot of my drive because I felt like this was a losing battle. There is now a huge wave of designers doing EXACTLY what I have been doing for years…a photographic printed garment used to be considered unique, avant-garde, even an art piece…. and now you can get a photo print crop top for 12 dollars at Forever21… makes me think, why bother…. it costs be about $40 just to print the fabric to make a crop top.

That being said… I started to let go. I still did small DIY projects on the side… and learned how to become better at sewing. Now I need a new machine… but I learned a lot running that machine to the ground.

So whats to come, whats in progress?
-Etsy shop
-Collection Art video
-Editorial Submissions
-Consumer Friendly Ready to Wear Pieces
-Development and Direction

Photo on 4-27-14 at 4.36 PM
Print/Vest by Me.

I moved to Downtown Jersey City with my boyfriend to further my pursuits. I am trying to let go of my disappointments, past, and bitterness because it holds me back as a designer and a person. We all have our ups and downs. I checked out mentally, and now it’s time for me to come back.