Mark Tauriello Available @ Atelier 4

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Mark Tauriello Available @ Atelier 4

For the first time in my design career, I have finally gotten my pieces on a rack that isn’t in my basement. Robert Greco, the owner of Atelier 4 in Montclair NJ, met with me and looked over my body of work and viola, I cranked out an entire rack of clothing ranging from leggings, tee shirts, dresses, and one of a kind couture pieces. This pushed me to make clothing faster, and better. Perhaps this was a fashion boot camp. For the shop I decided to focus on my photographic prints on fabric.

One thing that is scary is the reality of the whole situation. I find my self asking questions like “Will my pieces sell, is this something I will eventually be able to make a living off of? Who is wearing my clothing and where are they wearing it? Will it hold up to the test of time?” etc. Fashion is such a gamble.

Right now I am focused on getting my rack of clothing SOLD + getting more boutiques to sell my clothing….eventually leading to a stronger secondary source of income + potential to find a financial backer/business partnet who can provide the funding to help my pieces manufactured and sold on a wider scale.
The price point of my clothing ranges from $45-$160 @ Atelier 4. A person who wears my clothes is the kind of person who is bold and confident, taking avant-garde to the street.

Pick up a Mark Tauriello original!

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