Night Shifters: Behind the Scenes

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Night Shifters: Behind the Scenes

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I have had a concept of showcasing my designs through video, as if it were found VHS footage from a forgotten horror film of the eighties. It finally happened…
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Over the past few months Denton Labs production team and I have been collaborating, turning my vision into a reality. After scouting talent, locations, filming, and editing…I can finally say that this project is complete and ready for launch into the digital and analog realm.

It’s always hard for me as a designer and art director to let go of the steering wheel and let someone else control, edit, and add on to my work. This time I was incredibly lucky to work with such a talented team who completely understood my references and most importantly, knew how to execute it. First I have to give so much credit to Margaret (Meg) Moseley. She was the director of this whole production who took my concept and made it 3 dimensional. What I love most is that my production was directed by a woman! We all know how I am all about female empowerment. David Corey was also a mastermind who has a really strong eye with his cinematography work and sound design. He came up with the electronic musical score himself. Allen Karachun did a lot of the work in post production, enhancing the atmosphere of the entire production. I’m that guy who prefers a movie with great atmosphere over a film with a good story.

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I also have to shout out Reena Shaw who is a returning artist to the Fashion House of Tauriello. The last time we worked together was on our Scary Stories shoot for Rebelicious Magazine. I also pulled some of my most veteran models for this video as well!
The night of the shoot was so intense. Between car pooling, multiple make ups, location switching, lighting, and the cold weather… this shoot required a lot of work. I did re-create some conceptual pieces I use for editorial, and featured some additions to my newer collection. Ultimately I want this video to help me build my cult following while also showcasing my work in an art form that celebrates one of my primary inspirations as a designer, VHS.