TRIM Magazine Editorial Shoot

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TRIM Magazine Editorial Shoot

This past week I finished doing a shoot for TRIM magazine. What was exciting about this shoot was that I got to mix and match a variety of looks from my last collection, and had more styling freedom. I liked the fact that we had two seperate models, so we had individual shots, and then shots of the 2 interacting in the clothing.

Nudity still makes me uncomfortable, even after years of art school.

The team was so incredibly supportive of my vision, and were excited to work with me…they made me feel like I was actually a famous designer. I think what made me smile the most was when one of the models said “I feel like I can kick anyones ass in this outfit”. My clothes are not only conceptual/avant-garde, but I also have an element of feminism because I make sure that all of my models are depicted as strong characters. Hearing her express her confidence made me feel like I achieved one of my goals as a designer.

I have yet to see the finished pictures, they are all in post production as we speak. I did manage to take a lot of pictures with instagram to share and look cool on facebook.

I decided to stay with my classic Mark Tauriello face for make up, strong geometric eyebrows! The models also had their hair styled down and messy for that space grunge look. I love having my designs photographed, I wish my life could be like this every day. Trim is such a well put together publication, so I can not wait to see the final product!

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