Collection Campaign Shoot Part 1

About a month ago I did a photo shoot for a few of my collection pieces. I was using a studio space (which I have never done for my own fashion photography), a new team, and also new lighting equipment and fog machine.Honestly,I was a little nervous

Slow Motion

So I have to be 100% honest…I need to get my collection shoot in gear a lot faster. The hardest thing is to sync up the schedules of models, hair team, make up team, location schedule, oh yeah, and mine too. This is a problem I have been battling for …

2012 Collection Show @ Williamsburg Fashion Weekend!

So as you may know, Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is something I look forward to very very much as a designer. It’s geared towards more conceptual avant-garde designers such as my self. It’s a show that has no rules, boundaries, or commercial limitations.

This Could Be YOU…

The first step towards becoming self employed and sharing my designs+art to the world!

A Slash Across the Face

Heather doing Ivonna Young’s Make Up. Picking a make up concept for my collections is always fun, but also a challenge. Luckily, I have make up artist Heather Marcus at my side.

Videodrome Dress Inspiration Board

Sometimes it’s just easier for me to explain things in pictures, this dress being one of them. Enjoy my inspiration board. Photo by Marofoto.

Flyer Promo

Guh. I hope nothing bad happens to the clothes now that the flyer has been made.