Slasher Chic: Write Up by Gina Tron

“One designer that caught the imagination of the audience was Mark Tauriello, who created a line based on his nostalgia for B-Horror VHS tapes…” READ MORE:

Mark Tauriello meets w/ The Greenpointers

Pictures by Marofoto “…the cover art from these original VHS movies were used to morph unfriendly characters like Jason and Freddy into digitally colorful and fantastical labyrinths printed on fabric, lending an almost Givenchy aesthetic…” READ MORE:

Brooklyn Exposed: Round 2

Photo by Bil Thompson. “He had fond memories of renting VHS tapes from mom and pop stores, so he turned that memory into a clothing collection…” READ MORE:

The Greenpoint Gazette

“A stoic man glares at people through lit-up goggles made from a bright fluorescent light. “Article Here: